A tip! A life hack! My blog is becoming more diverse! And no, I am not disguising an attempt to sell Raybans, I promise. When your resilience is low and you have to keep on trying and pushing and optimistically grinning and bloody bearing the absolute b***sh** that autism sometimes sends your way (really nothing major in the scale... Continue Reading →

Shakespearean Tragedy

Archie came out of school with a little booklet today, 'Passport to Shakespeare', I guess most schools have them to give out for Shakespeare week... Archie: Eurgh. The cover has blood all over it. Me: That's because some of Shakespeare's plays were actually quite bloody and violent and very dramatic, right up your street! They... Continue Reading →

A Moment In Time

My husband was trying to get a photo of our ridiculous matching sweatshirts (can you tell it is just one person who does all the clothes shopping round here?!) and this 'grin and bear it' moment (note my gritted teeth!) with a different sort of chaos coming from each boy on either side of me... Continue Reading →

Bean Bag Balls

Ten years ago, the great bean bag incident of 2007. A decade on now and I can see the funny side. Just. But if I tell you that polystyrene balls become quite static and do not vacuum easily, you might begin to recognise how traumatic this day was and how many hours of cleaning this... Continue Reading →

School Runs!

Over the years we have had some slightly alternative schooling arrangements and have never been to a school just round the corner. We have always had to carefully select the right school that would cope with (oops, I mean 'educate') our two lovely boys. Primary to begin with was a lovely little village school six miles... Continue Reading →


When you wake up to discover that someone (someone around twelve years old I guess) has been sniffing the brandy kept in the cupboard under the stairs (I think not drinking as no obvious signs of drunkenness!) and in replacing the bottle on the rack on its side, forgotten to fully tighten the lid.  Whole... Continue Reading →

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