I blame my Facebook friends for repeatedly suggesting such an idea but I am now giving it a go, indulging myself and, in all my endless free time – as a self-employed Mother of two ‘quirky’ (read: quite challenging) children – having a go at a bit of writing about us, our life and anything else I want to rant on about (hey, I did say it was going to be self-indulgent, did I not?).

It was three events in three weeks that felt a culmination of craziness that led onto deciding to write more. For details please see my Hello! post which this text is taken from. That first post really should have gone here I guess but as a totally virgin blogger, I didn’t even know there was an ‘about’ section on this website I should have been writing it on! Anyway, I thought this craziness might dissipate as my children got older but it actually seems to remain still fairly steadily nuts around here. This is why I have chosen to call my blog, Mum amidst Madness. I felt the ‘amidst’ implies I am just somehow surrounded by the hullabaloo and actually really nothing to do with, certainly not a contributing factor, but of course, rearrange the letters and we have mum ‘admits’ the madness, which I will also be doing when I write, plus perhaps additionally admitting that, like my children, I too have my own quirks and sometimes seem to play my own role in bringing the chaos upon us all (sorry dear husband). Like many mothers I think my brain is on constant addled overdrive and it just occasionally all falls apart and we laugh (try to anyway) and then pick up the pieces. This is why I am going to have a go at writing more. The madness needs to be shared (for my own attempt at sanity saving if nothing else!).


As part of my work (I run Music with Mummy classes here in Winchester for children from birth to school age), I also see and chat with other Mums on a daily basis. With this in mind, even though my own two boys are now twelve and fifteen (where did they time go?) I still feel quite connected to the world of parenting younger children. Plus, pre-Facebook (when I could not bear the idea of sharing ANYTHING on the internet – I seem to have gone the other way nowadays!), I kept a lengthy daily diary of my boys early years and our experiences and giggles and challenges. I have always found writing cathartic. This diary was for my eyes only but now with older children and, dare I say it, a sliver more free time, it will be great to write, not with a potential audience in mind necessarily (as I keep re-iterating this will be strictly indulgent – am doing it to please myself), but in a public way so anyone that wants to pop by and read my ramblings can do so. I will no doubt dip into this old diary for inspiration too. I just think all us Mums are in this together and therefore need to stick together and share the madness and the challenges and support each other as we try to laugh at it and muddle through.


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