Moving On



So the blog has moved on – in the sense I have not been writing anything(!) – and I decided the accompanying Facebook page was not for me (Facebook kept nagging me to post things – I don’t want it to become a chore!) but here I am again as I suddenly wanted to write something today. Felt the urgent need. And it feels like today is a day for moving on – moving forward.


Yes it feels like quite a big day to be fair as there, that picture right there, is the posting of a letter – posted just an hour ago – that has taken me four years to write.


Yep, on this day, the day I should have been posting my sons on their school residential (the trip that cost me a full day’s work plus a non-refundable £500 when they changed their minds about their ability to cope on it), instead I am posting a request for an Education and Health Care Plan (EHCP). Let the battle commence!


I have been thinking on it for four years. Tried in 2011 to a resounding no from the county. Wrote letters in the meantime and, worried about my own stress levels at fighting a legal battle, failed to send them and then yesterday evening it was a local college open day (my son is sort of in year ten and sort of year eleven – another complicated story!) and discussion with the supported learning department there that last night gave me hope (not just for the EHCP but also for his future) and this morning led me back to my latest draft letter – and actually putting the printed out copy in an envelope and in the postbox. Go me!


‘Worried about my own stress levels?’ It sounds so self indulgent but I think I have been waiting to get in the right headspace too. A Facebook friend of mine is allowing me to share this with her full permission. Her words on this screenshot just say it all. The life of an average ASD parent fighting for their child’s right to education.




As well as the NON-residential, today is also the end of the first half-term of year ten (or maybe eleven) for my eldest son (and of course a non-uniform day to boot  – that passed with very minimal morning stress oddly! A lovely small – unexpected – success!) so whilst we are on the cusp of celebrating a much-needed week long break from routine, I am also feeling ready to start a new journey to fight for his legal rights to education today. And this time, boy I am ready! Bring it on!

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    1. Thank you Zoe! There is a very strong chance we will not get the EHCP we want but I am going to fight it to the nth degree now – and even if we just get assessed for one that could still be helpful. Also, at least, whatever happens, I will know that I have done all I can. Ready to FIGHT!


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