Socks (and feeling fuzzy)

This – snapped about a week ago – is how many socks Archie gets through on a daily basis. 

Some of them I hung out in pairs (non-matching pairs – gave up on matching socks years ago) but he actually never discards them in pairs. And the day before I did this load of laundry I must have picked up nine individually discarded socks. It’s probably a daily average. He likes to discard them in different locations all over the house and garden (and in the car for that matter) just so I never know when I will suddenly find one. 

He explanation is simply that his feet feel ‘fuzzy’. 

The boys often do not want me to share the bigger stuff that happens here (Boo! It has been quite a week! The things I could tell you if they’d let me!) but this is just one example of the many little things that often leave my sanity, well… as fuzzy round the edges as Archie’s feet. 

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