Conducted, abducted (although not really) children

Archie is talking about school induction days. And using both ‘conduction’ and ‘abduction’ as interchangeable with ‘induction’. Made for an interesting recount. 😂

I recall being slated for saying ‘London’ instead of ‘Manchester’ at the recent fundraising gig. I love True inspiration for all those living with ADHD. And the language slips and (to them!) interchangeability of words, it’s a thing, I swear. It’s the way their unique brains are wired. 

This is the boy that once asked me if I had finished dementing the parsnips (translation: slicing the butternut squash) or if I saw the cakes on the train, ‘no’, he corrected himself, ‘not cakes, those muffins’ – yep, the ‘brownies’ (as in girl guides) were on a London day trip. Language is a fluid and highly personal concept for Archie; he knows what he means and expects us to understand regardless. Although to be fair his expressive hand gestures do help. And we usually do. 

He is also appalling at remembering names and places (‘Are we in Sweden yet?!’ – Halfway down the M4 on the way to er… Swindon, for example) and has a great deal of words that are purely his own creations or words that to him mean entirely different things to the definition in the Oxford English. 

Anyway, I digress… all those poor children that were conducted and abducted in school today… 😂

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