Messy May

Haven’t managed to write much this month which is a true reflection on how messy it has been – as writing is generally my therapy. Not had much therapy. Falling to pieces! More needed!

May has been a tricky time again here. Perhaps my Sunglasses post pre-empted the mood of the month, but from there on in it has been a truly messy, muddled time and one in which we’ve only just managed.  The bits I can post about include a fairly severe allergic reaction from youngest (A and E, fun and games), the return of the ‘deranged disc’ – ouch (understatement of the year), an awful lots of GP and hospital appointments (naturally – see previous items in list), time off school and work (not great when you are self-employed – finances fail you!), teen tantrums (brushing over very lightly there – possibly one of the most major things – crikey – been living with a real whirlwind) and every single appliance in the house going wrong (massive exaggeration but taking artistic license – it has certainly felt like it!).

And this is on top of the regular (daily?) expected (but unexpected!) gems such as… see picture below – yes, I dared to go do a few minutes of physio stretches and the 13yo was suddenly hit by one of his crazed creative inspiration genius (ADHD!) moments for rearranging his bedroom; which involved taking all the drawers out of his chest and piling them under his bed (been there ever since), then (although not pictured) cutting a hole in a bed sheet and hanging it from the ceiling on string? I was in the other room maybe ten minutes???!!


In fact even the simple task of going to get an ice cube from the freezer has been, well…


… Eventful. Someone (the one that has those crazed creative inspiration genius (ADHD!) moments) had been experimenting with trying to make frozen chocolate cubes out of cocoa, sugar and water. Been trying to drink more water so an ice cube would have been nice but actually felt like more caffeine was needed after that shock so went with a (warm) cola in the end (also flat by the time I got round to actually drinking it).

Also spent an awful lot of time dealing with typical 21st century stresses – suspected credit card fraud (no, please bank, all those transactions REALLY were me! I am just self employed and missed a week’s work!), car trouble (increased bills despite reduced income!) and a very irritating phone company that will of course have to remain nameless – 😉


The pics below also need sharing; it is a fabulous what comes up when you google avocado allergy – okay, and maybe on a slightly wine-induced weird whim ‘evil avocado’ too, Ha!



They made me giggle anyway – and er, yes, it was actually also me responsible for the ‘vodafools’ too. Art therapy instead of blog therapy this month perhaps?!

The world has been messy too. There have been several people in my life going through terribly tough times and then nearly a week ago Manchester (Imagine) tore our hearts out. Looking further afield the messiness of the world just all seems so unfixable sometimes. And yet, whether in our own homes, or for the human race as whole, we have to force ourselves not to give up hope.

Anyway, bank holiday weekend is here and ‘Messy May’ is nearly through so I’ve possibly whinged enough. Besides… I have the most hideous case of conjunctivitis just to round the month off and am actually struggling the to see the laptop screen in between the mix of antibiotic eye drops and green gooey gunk; the month of May is a gift that just keeps on giving. (#Sarcasm).

So… three days left then Hello June. Be kind. 2017 has brought too many challenges and we need a really good month here in this family. And amongst my circle. And across our country (general election looms) and across the world; just a little peace and quiet and love would be nice. I certainly feel in need of some just with my silly little home-based first-world mini-crises but if that could radiate out over the entire the human race to those that are really truly in need (and not just fussing about avocado!) that’d be good too. June, we’re (brazenly optimistically) relying on you!

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