So very strange putting on the whole ‘Jolly Josie’ thing for music sessions and then the house being suddenly empty and silent and myself back to wondering whether I can bear to switch on the news; I can’t. Sharing this (see below) because it is how I personally cope, and my approach for discussing things with my boys too – and it might be useful to other parents that are going to have a child asking questions. And it is all we can do, isn’t it? To keep on striving at somehow making our own children safe and sound (‘safe’ – a stupid choice of word really – my heart just breaks) and to try to enable them to find ways to cope in a world that can be so, so dark whilst somehow (how?!) helping this next generation to be more tolerant and more loving of fellow human beings – of ALL human beings. We must pray that our little actions make little differences and these little differences add up and our children – the future adults – start to shape the world differently in years to come. Imagine. ‘Imagine all the people living life in peace’. Would love to have played Lennon in classes today. 

Manchester, oh, Manchester.  💔

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