Drugs and Buses

Older teen is miserable. Mummy is on drugs for back pain. The hard stuff. Lots of them. A proper cocktail. Mummy read to teen the SEVEN warning labels written across her medication including the one stuck on outer packaging prescription label itself, just above her name, that says in bold;

‘It is a traffic offence to drive if affected by this medicine’. 

Mummy is definitely affected by this medicine. Older teen therefore has to get the bus home. Younger teen does too but appears to be taking it all in his lively stride – although will maybe get too enthusiastic and end up on the wrong bus or forget to get off and end up goodness knows where or, well… really anything could happen! Mummy wonders if she will see her teens again – but for now is going to probably go back to drug-induced back-resting sleep. 

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