Scissors were a sign of things to come.

002 - Copy.JPG

Found this whilst having a nostalgic look through old photographs (younger son turned 13 this week – growing up so fast – scary).

This photo fascinates me on so many levels…

Why does our then 2/3 year old have a large pair of very sharp scissors?

Why are they pressed against his nose?

And why in the heck were we photographing him doing that instead of taking them safely away?

He’s not really been without a pair of scissors, or sellotape (and packaging tape), or paint (black or red) or glue (including woodglue and superglue – that latter one was a fun morning!) or some kind of tool ever since to be fair. (Mallet, hacksaw, screwdriver and stanley knife his main favourites for the record.)

Fine line between creative genius and madness but I think he happily flits between the two. ❤ Happy Birthday AD!!!

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