Shakespearean Tragedy

Archie came out of school with a little booklet today, ‘Passport to Shakespeare’, I guess most schools have them to give out for Shakespeare week…

Archie: Eurgh. The cover has blood all over it.

Me: That’s because some of Shakespeare’s plays were actually quite bloody and violent and very dramatic, right up your street! They are called Tragedies and you would love them. Let me think, there is Macbeth – you might have heard of the witches from it? And Othello. And Romeo and Juliet, you’ll know that one, a horrible violent ending. And then he wrote some silly comedies – have you heard of a Midsummer night’s dream? 

Archie: No. It’s my blood. I cut my lip. 

Me: Oh.

Parental note to self: Good to never miss a learning opportunity when one arises but always deal with bleeding facial wounds first.

(A year ago today. Have to say that current chaos is certainly happening but I rarely get permission to blog the fresh madness so seem to be working retrospectively! This time next year maybe they’ll let me tell you the details of this week!)

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