When you wake up to discover that someone (someone around twelve years old I guess) has been sniffing the brandy kept in the cupboard under the stairs (I think not drinking as no obvious signs of drunkenness!) and in replacing the bottle on the rack on its side, forgotten to fully tighten the lid. 

Whole house smells like a brewery for music class. Delightful. NOT. Hello Friday morning. At least the sun is shining!

Well, I say ‘hello Friday’ and that the sun is shining – but to be fair it is difficult to see Friday and that shining sun from the lounge. Yes, the eldest has been playing football in the garden again… 

FML (‘Football Mad Loon’ of course! What else could it be?!!).

God knows how that glass holds. It could be worse I guess. Looking on the bright side (which I can sort of see a bit between the football impressions); it might have been glass as well as brandy I was cleaning up this morning…

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