How not to box.


On my Facebook memories today, a discarded sling. He pretty much gave up wearing it after the first day to be fair but the plaster stayed on until he was healed. Yep, on this week four years ago, on the school field (during an Ofsted inspection I hasten to add) my eldest son broke the metacarpal bones in his hand as he punched his younger brother in the back (a ‘boxer’s fracture’ is the colloquial term, apparently). Younger brother didn’t even wince and so I assume has a very strong spine (I am guessing it must have been bone on bone to cause the fracture it did) – and the older one didn’t fuss either to be fair; it wasn’t until about four hours later that the swelling was so pronounced I thought I’d better take him to A and E.  Bad mother? Maybe. It was under my ‘watch’ just after the bell had rung (they always used to come out of school like two wild animals unleashed) and the thought of going to Accident and Emergency on a Friday evening (plus no fuss from him at all about any pain) made me stick firmly with the ‘let’s wait and see how it goes’ method of dealing with injury. Anyway, just thought I’d share this snippet for anyone having a tough day so you can feel instantly better – at least your children have not done this!? –  about whatever chaos is happening in your own home at the moment.

You’re welcome.



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