Cannot even begin to explain how crazy it has been here recently. It's why I have been so quiet on this blog. Been too nuts to write, just crisis management! But for us today was the last day of the summer term which means we have somehow survived another school year. So... cheers! Go us!... Continue Reading →

Conducted, abducted (although not really) children

Archie is talking about school induction days. And using both 'conduction' and 'abduction' as interchangeable with 'induction'. Made for an interesting recount. 😂 I recall being slated for saying 'London' instead of 'Manchester' at the recent fundraising gig. I love True inspiration for all those living with ADHD. And the language slips and... Continue Reading →

Sunday Morning Aside

I am listening to the singing coming from the Sunday morning service at the church - it always sounds so beautiful and peaceful. Religion is not for me in any shape or form but it is oddly soothing this morning just to hear people's voices together. {Picture is a close up of my peace lily;... Continue Reading →

Fabulous at Forty! 

I have found a way to give my infected eyes an eye bath AT THE SAME TIME as doing one of the prescribed physio exercises for my dodgy back.  I think this is what being 'fabulous at forty' must truly mean. 😂

Who needs meditation? 

When the Doctor takes your heart rate and you know it is really beating abnormally fast as you are stressed and strung out and so you tell her you will breathe deeply and try and relax to get it back to normal and...  'Wow! It's dropping down really fast. Do you meditate?' Er... No. I... Continue Reading →

Messy May

Haven't managed to write much this month which is a true reflection on how messy it has been - as writing is generally my therapy. Not had much therapy. Falling to pieces! More needed! May has been a tricky time again here. Perhaps my Sunglasses post pre-empted the mood of the month, but from there on in it... Continue Reading →

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